Flashing Lights in My Mind

I'm Yasmin but call me Yaz.
Don't believe the hype


These are the fanfics I’m writing…


Ashley, a sixteen year old girl, has had a tough life. With little money from her mother’s income and the burden of having to look after her young brother taking it’s toll on her, she doesn’t think her life will ever go anywhere. But after meeting Harry at a party, Ashley finally has a little hope. With twists and turns, we see Ashley’s world come crashing down and peaking in a small space of time - all thanks to Harry.


Callie was known to her parents as a ‘rebellious child.’ She followed suit of the friends she had made back home and did things that many didn’t agree with. After months of her life going downhill, her parents finally settled for sending her away to a boarding school where she would be forced to make new friends and follow new rules and turn her life around… which she did. Meeting Harry certainly changed her… but would she change for the worse?